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The All-in-One platform for WhatsApp and Telegram chatbots using the official Telegram API and official WhatsApp Business API (WABA) empowering you to automate conversations and enhance customer engagement like never before.

Everything you will need to succeed at WhatsApp and Telegram marketing is right at your fingertips. Increase your sales & deliver top-notch support through these 2 famous messaging apps!

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Revolutionize Your Messaging Experience

With Botzippy, now you can create chatbots that handle inquiries, provide instant responses, and even execute transactions. No more missed messages or frustrated customers waiting for a response. Save time, boost productivity, and watch your business thrive with Botzippy's powerful features.

Discover the Powerful Features

Building Chatbot using Visual Drag & Drop Editor

Botzippy Visual Drag and Drop Flow Builder aids in the visual creation of a bot. It provides a bird`s eye perspective of your entire bot, which aids in the development of a highly engaging bot. You can create, test, and build chatbots graphically using a single no-code online interface.

Broadcast to Subscribers

Broadcasting is an excellent Botzippy tool that allows you to engage with your contacts list while also assisting in the growth of your business. 

Broadcasting using the WhatsApp Business Platform are charged per conversation. Each WhatsApp Business account will receive 1K free conversation per month. Learn more about pricing here

Telegram broadcasting has no limitations, unlike WhatsApp. The Telegram Chatbot is not subject to the 24-hour restriction, thus you are not limited in terms of time.

Short Link To Embed on website or on social media

A simple link to your Telegram Chatbot or WhatsApp can result in a large number of subscribers. Botzippy can create a short link that may be shared on websites, social media, and even emails.

When a subscriber clicks on the short link, they will receive an immediate answer from a bot. Additionally, Botzippy offers Telegram & WhatsApp chat widgets that may be integrated onto any website.

Order notification for Woocommerce and Shopify

Automate WooCommerce & Shopify order using WhatsApp webhook workflow. You can integrate Botzippy to WooCommerce and Shopify easily and can do the following actions:

Order Notification to WhatsAppCOD to Prepaid Conversion by WhatsApp & many more yet to be released.

Full Featured Mobile Ecommerce

A well designed eCommerce store could be presented to the users on WhatsApp and Telegram bot. Depending on a keyword or a button clicks the Chatbot can present the eCommerce store to the user.

Users can browse categories, add things to their carts, pay for them, and have them delivered to their homes. Botzippy can act as a dedicated salesperson for your company.

Another Awesome Features

AI Bot Reply

Integrate OpenAI`s language processing technology so the chatbot can understand and respond to user inputs in a conversational manner, providing more personalized interactions.

WhatsApp Webhook Workflow

Any third-party webhook provider can be connected to Botzippy in order to send messages to WhatsApp depending on webhook data.

Team Member

To manage your Botzippy account on your behalf, you can use a number of team members. By designing team roles that allow specific activities on specific modules, you can control team member access.

API Developer Console

APIs work by sending requests for information from a web application or web server and receiving a response. Botzippy offers API end-points for developers to connect with any other applications.

User Input & Custom Field

Ask users a single or a series of questions. Answers can be kept as a variable in a custom field and used to segment subscribers.

Automated Drip Messaging

You can set up automated sequence messages after a specified time interval, such as minutes, hours, or days, in addition to broadcasting messages.

Advanced Live-chat

Botzippy offers centralized live-chat features for both Telegram and WhatsApp. It quick, easy to manage and offers top-notch client support.

Manage & Segment Subscriber List

Label your unique chatbot subscribers to separate or group them. Send multiple sorts of sequence or broadcasting messages based on labels.

Choose The Perfect Plan

Flexible pricing plans tailored for your business.

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Any Questions? Answered!

Frequently Asked Questions

A chatbot can be likened to a robot that automatically responds/replies to every chat that occurs on the WhatsApp or Telegram app. The chatbot will respond to keywords that you have set.

No service is provided. You need to create your own chatbot according to your own preferences and needs. Botzippy only provides the platform

Official API is like a valid 'license' from Whatsapp or Telegram. Therefore, it is authorized by WhatsApp and Telegram themselves. It is undoubtedly safer compared to third-party systems that use unofficial APIs. However, when using the official version, you need to adhere to the terms and conditions set by WhatsApp and Telegram.

You can use a new phone number or transfer an existing number to the business platform if you wish to use it in the WhatsApp customer or business app.

Make sure the existing number don't linked to any WhatsApp app. You won`t be able to access the WhatsApp customer or business app after the number is moved. For further information, go to Migrate App Phone Number to Business Platform.

For Telegram, there are no additional costs imposed. For WhatsApp, there are additional costs set by WhatsApp (Meta). You can read about these costs here (click here).

However, you are given a free quota of 1,000 messages per month on your WhatsApp account. For more information about this matter, I have explained it in the support group, https://t.me/botzippy_support.

Connect account limit in the system refers to the total accounts of WhatsApp and Telegram account connected to the system. The limit for connected accounts depend on every plans. For Basic and Advance plan, you can have unlimited connect accounts

For Lite plan, it have limit 4 connect account. So, you can have 2 WhatsApp account/2 Telegram account or 3 WhatsApp account/1 Telegram account. And so on until you reach total 4 accounts.

Subscribers are customers who have interacted with the chatbot. For the limit on the number of subscribers, it is calculated as a whole (the total number of subscribers from each WhatsApp and Telegram chatbot).

The usage of broadcast or blast using the official API should be safer as it is allowed by default. For the process of broadcasting or blasting messages, especially on WhatsApp, you need to create a message template and wait for approval before being allowed to perform the broadcast or blast. Therefore, the risk of being banned is reduced at the initial stage.

However, there are cases where WhatsApp account owners may be banned due to reports from recipients

No, there aren`t any restrictions or limit on messages. You can send as many messages as you want at any moment. However, for WhatsApp, there is a 24-hour rule that you must follow for broadcasting. Subscribers can, of course, unsubscribe or block your bot at any moment.

Yes, you may use Botzippy to import your current bot subscriber list from other chat platforms.

You control your business accounts, WhatsApp business account, phone number, and payment mechanism in order to use WhatsApp. Nothing is under our control. You`ll be in charge of everything.

No, the business and the app`s approval are not required. Business verification is necessary, nevertheless, if you wish to include your phone number and the name of your company. alternatively, no. Also, approval of the app is not necessary.

For Malaysian users, the Telegram e-commerce system in the Botzippy platform is integrated with payment gateways such as Toyyibpay, Senangpay, Stripe, PayPal, and Cash on Delivery.

A support group is available only on Telegram. So, make sure you have a Telegram account. You can join here: t.me/botzippy_support

For tutorials, you can visit help.botzippy.com, and tutorials will also be added gradually.

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